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RHS: Vegetables & Fruits (7)Taught by Dr Noel Kingsbury

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  • Pest control

  • Common diseases

  • Produce storage

  • Benefits of bed systems and crop rotation


In this module candidates are shown how to select and grow vegetables and fruits, and subsequently how to optimise their fruit and vegetable crops. Candidates will explore the different factors that affect growth right through from planting to storage. The module covers the fundamentals needed to successfully harvest food produce while minimising the impact of weeds, pests and diseases without causing harm to the environment.

The Curriculum

  • 1. Production of Outdoor Vegetables and Fruits

    This lesson beings with emphasis on how food plant demands differ from those of ornamental plants, and later you will study the growing requirements of specific fruits and vegetables. You will then be shown how various factors (such as pH, wind, and sloping) affect food plant growth. Additionally, you will learn the advantages and disadvantages of various bed systems, including the possible impact different bed types have on weed control.

  • 2. Pest and Disease Control

    You will be guided through the best methods to control pests and diseases without resorting to chemical control. This will include an in-depth breakdown of the pests and diseases that most threaten specific vegetables. You will also explore the correct methods of storing different vegetables, and begin to understand the benefits and limitations of crop rotation.

  • 3. Production of Top and Soft Fruit for Gardens and Allotments

    In this final lesson you will learn the distinctions between ‘top fruits’ and ‘soft fruits’. For each classification, you will learn how to select, plant, prune, harvest and store the fruits. In addition to this you will learn how best to prevent weeds threatening your crops, and how to spots the signs of the most common pests and diseases that can jeopardise fruit crops.

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Dr Noel Kingsbury is an acclaimed garden designer, best-selling author of numerous books and long-time collaborator of the renowned designer Piet Oudolf. With a doctorate from the University of Sheff...read more

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