Gardening Courses Gwent

If there aren't any gardening courses near you in Gwent, we'd recommend remote learning with MyGardenSchool - where we bring the world's greatest gardening tutors to Wales via your computer. We also found out some more interesting information about gardening activities in Wales and Gwent. Have you heard about Dewstone Gardens? It hit the press a little while at as a lost garden with tunnels and underground grottoes buried under thousands of tons of soil for over 50 years. Like a dream - uncovering a lost world. Built around 1895 the gardens were buried just after ww11 and rediscovered in 2000. The gardens were created around the turn of the century by "James Pulham & Sons" landscapers, Rock Builders and Garden Designers. The gardens had been buried around the 1940s and 50s and most of the repairs have now been completed during a massive restoration operation which began in 2000. The gardens contain many ponds and rills but interestingly a labyrinth of underground grottoes, tunnels and sunken ferneries. The rock gardens are made up of a mixture of real stone and faced stone using various types of Pulhamite. The site is approximately 8 acres and has been landscaped and replanted over the past 10 years. Cardiff Institute for The Blind Gardening Club The Gardening Club is one of many social activity clubs run by the Cardiff Institute for the Blind. Meetings are held each Friday morning between 10.30 – 1.00, primarily at the adapted plot at Rhydypenau Allotments on Lake Road North during the summer months, or else in Shand House when the frosty nights begin to close in around our sensitive petals. We have a greenhouse and enclosure on the roof of the Institute, but we also have other meeting areas around Shand House including the Bowchier Hall. We grow vegetables and herbs, and a selection of flowers in our raised beds and ground level plots. We annually develop our gardening methods to encompass multiple disabilities. We arrange summer trips to sensory gardens and flower shows. We run shopping trips to Garden Centres. The National Botanic Garden of Wales is situated 10 mins from the M4 and ¼ mile from the A48 in Carmarthenshire, South West Wales, midway between Cross Hands and Carmarthen. National Botanic Garden of Wales, Llanarthne, Carmarthenshire SA32 8HG

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