Gardening Courses Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire is a centre of excellence for gardening and garden design.   Our specialist sister school, The Oxford College of Garden Design, is located here, and so is MyGardenSchool.  However the beauty of MyGardenSchool is that you can study gardening online, wherever you are in the world.  We have courses ranging from Garden Design, to Pond Construction, Henkeeping, Beekeeping, specialist Planting Design Courses, How to Grow Roses, Architectural Rendering, How to Prune Shrubs, How to Plant Trees, and many more.    All MyGardenSchool tutors have written top selling gardening books, and you get personal contact with them through your virtual classroom when you sign up for a MyGardenSchool horticulture course.

Our Sister College:  The Oxford College of Garden Design

The Oxford College of Garden Design is one of the top contemporary garden design schools in the world and along with MyGardenSchool is the industry leader in on-line education. The postgraduate level garden design diploma course is internationally renowned and one of the only garden design courses in the world to benefit from video based lectures, allowing students to revisit lessons on-line time and again.  The Garden Design Masters or Diploma is designed for those of you who want a career change, and are dedicated to full time studying to become a garden designer.

Other Gardening Experiences in Oxfordshire

One of the first influences on me when I studied at the prestigious Oxford College of Garden Design was a trip to WaterPerry.  Waterperry has a wonderful heritage in horticulture, having been the first place that 'ladies' trained in horticulture and gardening back over 70 years ago when it was formed.  This little video was taken in Spring at WaterPerry - it's well worth a visit at any time of year though, especially for its magnificent herbaceous border.

Also Not to be missed is Oxford Botanic Garden

This Garden is one of my favourites in all seasons and is a great photographic experience as well as it benefits from a lovely light. Oxford Botanic is a national reference collection of 7,000 different types of plant, making it the most compact yet diverse collection of plants in the World – there is even more biological diversity here than there is in tropical rain forests and other biodiversity hotspots.

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