Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2017 Finalists

By Juliette Perry

From a mother elephant leading a pack to a watering hole to a seahorse carrying a plastic cottonbud, 13 of the finalists photographs have been released from this year’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2017. Needless to say, they are stunning.

Over 50,000 photographs from 92 countries were entered into the esteemed competition, just 100 making the final exhibition which returns to the Natural History Museum on 20th October.

From those selected, a jury of international experts will then choose the winning images based on their creativity, originality and technical excellence. These will be selected before the opening, on the 17th October.

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Saved but caged by Steve Winter, US

A Sumatran tiger cub whose back leg has been amputated. Finalist 2017, The Wildlife Photojournalist Award: Single Image

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Bold eagle by Klaus Nigge, Germany

A soaked bald eagle. Finalist 2017, Animal Portraits

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The insiders by Qing Lin, China

Anemone fish showing off the parasitic isopod's that live inside their mouths. Finalist 2017, Under Water

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Winter pause by Mats Andersson, Sweden

A squirrel keeps warm on a cold February morning. Finalist 2017, Black and White


Swim gym by Laurent Ballesta, France

A mother and cub play under a sheet of ice. Finalist 2017, Behaviour: Mammals

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The power of the matriarch by David Lloyd, New Zealand/UK

A mother elephant leads a pack to a watering hole in Kenya’s Maasai Mara national reserve. Finalist 2017, Animal Portraits

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Resplendent delivery by Tyohar Kastiel, Israel

A resplendent quetzals. Finalist 2017, Behaviour: Birds

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Arctic treasure by Sergey Gorshkov, Russia

An arctic fox carries a stolen egg. Finalist 2017, Animal Portraits

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Sewage surfer by Justin Hofman, US

A tiny seahorse uses a plastic cottonbud to travel downstream. Finalist 2017, The Wildlife Photojournalist Award: Single Image

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Glimpse of a lynx by Laura Albiac Vilas, Spain

An elusive lynx, captured at the Sierra de Andújar natural park in Spain. Finalist 2017, Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year, 11-14 Years

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Saguaro twist by Jack Dykinga, US

The Saguaro cacti in Arizona’s Sonoran Desert National Monument. The plant over grows over 12 metres tall. Finalist 2017, Plants and Fungi

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Romance among the angels by Andrey Narchuk, Russia

Sea angels, who are both male and female, prepare to insert their copulatory organs into each other. Finalist 2017, Behaviour: Invertebrates

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Bear hug by Ashleigh Scully, US

A young cub hugs her mother. Finalist 2017, Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year, 11-14 Years

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