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Living Longer Better

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Course Description

Sir Muir Gray, former Chief Knowledge Officer for the NHS, has developed this course to demonstrate how everyone should be making active changes to their lifestyle in order to live longer better.

The live longer better course is based on a lifetime of experience and scientific research and will encourage you to re-examine the way you look at the process of ageing. You will finish the course with a new-found positive outlook on this process.

Scientific research has not yet found a way to slow the normal biological process of ageing (senescence), but most of the problems we face until the late nineties are not caused by senescence but by three other processes, loss of fitness, disease and social pressures including ageism, all of which which we can change.

Sir Muir explores actions you can take to optimise your health by delving into the science behind the brain. He demonstrates how you can reduce your risk of dementia and disease, and improve your overall wellbeing.

Sir Muir’s aim is to inspire you to change your life, helping you to divulge a plan so that you can optimise your brain health and cognitive function, enabling you to live your best life. You will learn about the importance of physical exercise, and how your fitness levels will directly impact the ageing process.

This course has been developed for anyone who is looking to live a better life, and for anyone who is caring for an elderly person.

Knowledge is the enemy of disease, and after this course you will have all the tools to ensure that you have the best quality of life possible.

The collaborative classroom environment will give you the opportunity to share your experiences with others who may be struggling, and together you can change the way that people look at getting older – together we will live longer, and better.

Muir strongly believes that humans are tribal, and this form of online group learning will play an increasingly important part in life long learning.

You'll learn:

  • about the ageing process
  • creating a personal fitness plan to stay active
  • how to reduce the risk of disease as you age
  • challenging ageism
  • keeping your brain active by learning new skills
  • reducing the risk of a bad death
  • how make small changes to live longer better

The course includes:

  • 12 on-demand video lessons - presented by Sir Muir Gray
  • lifetime access to the videos, notes and interactive class
  • flexible classes - join and learn when and where you like
  • downloadable lesson notes
  • practical wellness projects (with tutor feedback available)
  • access on your mobile, PC, Mac or laptop
  • small interactive online classroom - chat online to students from around the world and share your creative ideas

Time to complete the live longer better course:

Every student is different but in general we think the whole course will take around 18 hours 20 minutes to complete including:

  • Video lesson: 2 hours 20 minutes in total
  • Course notes: 20 minutes per lesson
  • Your live longer better projects: at least 30 minutes per lesson
  • Interactive classroom time: 15 minutes per lesson
  • Tutor feedback review (Expert level): 15 minutes per lesson

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CPD Accreditation

Course activity has been accredited by the CPD Standards Office (CPDSO). The course equates to 18 hours, 20 minutes of CPD learning.
The CPD Standards Office. CPD Provider: 50276.

Course outline

  • Understanding ageing

    In this lesson Muir will redefine the word ageing. Ageing is a process which has developed negative connotations over time, having been associated with disease and frailty for many years. However, Muir will demonstrate how many of our issues that we deem to be ‘age-related’ are in fact primarily due to a loss of fitness. It is our approach to ageing that has to change – if we approach it with a positive mindset, we will be able to adapt to the challenges of living longer and improve our overall wellbeing.

  • Fitness

    Fitness is important at every age, but becomes increasingly important as you get older. During this lesson, Muir goes into depth on the importance of fitness, and why it is so fundamental for your wellbeing. Muir will also analyse how fitness can play a role in disease prevention, and will suggest ways that you can stay active even if you are bed bound.

    You will be introduced to fitness routines which will fit into your every day life, and which are suitable for all ages and abilities. There is always time to make a change to your fitness, and doing so will make you feel better, improve your cognitive fitness and benefit your heart and brain.

  • Preventing and coping with disease

    By the end of this lesson you will be able to define and understand the relationship between disease, ageing and loss of fitness. You will discuss how you can reduce the risk of long-term diseases, issues with blood pressure, diabetes and mental health. You will also explore the social consequences of being diagnosed, overcoming this and ways that you can change your mindset towards your diagnosis.

  • Understanding and changing how people think about older people

    By the end of this lesson you will understand and be able to explain how negative beliefs and pessimistic attitudes can increase the rate at which ability is lost and disability develops. You will be reminded of the importance of being positive, and the role you have to influence the way that other people think and speak about ageing.

  • Understanding the brain and improving cognitive and emotional wellbeing

    During this lesson you will discuss the relationship between the brain and the mind. Muir will go into depth on the effects of normal ageing on the mind, and explain what can be done to optimise brain ability and reduce the risk of dementia.

  • Strengthening the sense of purpose and preparing a plan

    By the end of this lesson you will have gained a full understanding of the importance of purpose for health and wellbeing. This lesson is all about staying motivated. Retirement should present a new opportunity - there is even a movement towards renaming retirement as rebirth! It should be seen as a positive experience, an opportunity to take up new challenges and hobbies. By the end of this lesson, Muir will have helped you set yourself targets and devise a plan that will ensure that you are living life to its fullest, and that as a result you will live longer, better.

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Meet Sir Muir Gray

Sir Muir Gray - Optimal Ageing
Professor Sir Muir Gray, CBE, FRCPSGlas, FCLIP is a British physician, who has held some of the most senior positions in screening, public health, information management. and value in healthcare.

Sir Muir has worked for the National Health Service in England since 1972, occupying a variety of senior positions during that time, including serving as the Director of Research and Development for Anglia and Oxford Regional Health Authority, and first establishing and then being the Director of the UK National Screening Committee. He founded the National Library for Health, and was the Director of Clinical Knowledge, Process, and Safety for the NHS (England) National Programme for IT, serving as the Director of the National Knowledge Service. He was the first person to hold the post of Chief Knowledge Officer of the NHS (England), also serving as the co-Director of the Department of Health’s Quality Innovation Productivity and Prevention (QIPP) Right Care Programme. Together with Sir Iain Chalmers, Muir was instrumental in establishing the Cochrane Collaboration.

Sir Muir is an internationally renowned authority on healthcare systems and has advised governments of several countries outside the UK including Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Spain and Germany.
While Muir’s experience is unrivalled, it is his passion for wellbeing which makes his course so exciting. He is dedicated to helping people to live longer, better and believes that all we need to do is change our mindset towards ageing – “Knowledge is the enemy of disease”.

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