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Figgjo Norway

Figgjo Norway

by 6 years ago

I love the designs from Stavangerflint-Figgjo Norway and would love to see photos of peoples favourite designs or collections  here. The ones we tend to see a lot of here in Australia are Figgjo Lotte, and Market - however there are so many more fantastic and unique designs. Turi Gramsted Oliver produced some stunning dinnerware designs after Lotte and Market - it is a pity we don't see more of them. 

Likewise, Inger Waage's designs for Stavangerflint are breathtaking, and not easy to get hold of. If you have any of her work it would be great to see that as well! 

6 years ago
We've got several courses on understanding ceramics coming soon. Meanwhile can anyone help Figgjo?
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