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small white unpainted glazed toby jug


small white unpainted glazed toby jug

by a year ago

Hi all

I am in Australia and recently picked up a small toby jug at a local charity shop (and then saw the small chip on the hat). Anyway I just can not find any similar white unglazed toby to help me to identify this one. I would love to know how old it is and who made it. 

After reading a few comments on here it has got me interested in collecting them as our local charity shop sometimes has a few. This one does have some age. Its got some crazing on the outer. There were some indented words underneath but I cant read them, they are too feint. I  think there are 4 words. It seems to say, the pint ***  ***

Can anyone help with this please

8 months ago
Hi Sonya! We've asked a toby jug expert for you - they are unable to give a valuation for sure without seeing it, but the lack of any kind of markings suggests it's not worth much at all, just mass produced. It might be worth getting a local auctioneer to check it out though, in case it is worth something!

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