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Italian Cypress


Italian Cypress

by 3 years ago
We have two Italian cypress trees, which have been in the ground for a year. They are producing a lot of seeds but the trees are growing stragilly and not straight up, unless we tie them completely with twine. Our neighbour's one is growing beautifully. What are we doing wrong? The side branches are drooping and if we cut them off, the tree will be bald. I hope you can help!
3 years ago
Hi Susan Cupressus sempervirens, "the cypress of the ancients" natirally produces these rather heavy, rounded cones which weigh down the branchlets. Seed raised plants vary greatly in their production, some producing many more than others. You will find that they are trimmed regularly in formal Mediterranean gardens to produce that classic columnar shape. There are cultivars which do not produce seeds and I expect your neighbour has one of these - or is just lucky. I'm afraid you have to get up there and cut them out, even if it leaves the plant looking thin. This will result in bushier, denser growth which is stronger. The problem should become less as the plants mature. If its any consolation mine need doing right now!

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