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Rose canker - dead roses


Rose canker - dead roses

by 4 years ago

I have rose canker quite often, and most of time it's a lost cause.

It would start somewhere, then I would cut back until the new tissue, green and white core. But then it would start spreading again. Either in a different cane or very same cane.

I do practice safety, such as sanitize my pruner with alcohol. Dispose the black cane in trash cane. Yeah, all the advice flying around I have tried them all. And I am not able to save all my rose. I even use the copper type chemical to kill the fungus, but that doesn't work quite well for all. I would keep cutting until nothing left to be cut :(

Is there anyways I could do to save my rose?

Please keep in mind I'm in hot and humid condition.

4 years ago
What sort of canker it is? could you describe it and ideally send a picture please

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