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Frequently asked questions

  • What is an online classroom?

    Our online classroom has been developed to allow you to learn from our experts in a sociable environment alongside up to 20 other students. After each video tutorial led by your expert, you will be encouraged to practice what you have learned with optional assignments - these can be seen by the other students in your class, who are free to share their own thoughts and questions with you.

    You will be encouraged to take part in an ongoing class discussion where you can discuss ideas, post images or work, and comment on each other’s assignments. It’s a great way to learn from other like-minded people who share your passion from all over the world.

    This means not only do you benefit from people who are outstanding in their field, but also from a close-knit group of like-minded people whom you can learn alongside. Group learning has shown to greatly improve not just the experience of studying, but also how well you retain the knowledge, and we have built our classroom experience around this fact.

  • What's the difference between Expert or Peer options?

    At PEER and EXPERT level, you will have access to the same basic materials. These include:

    • Lifetime access to videos, notes & classroom
    • Online interactive classroom with up to 20 classmates
    • Video lesson tutorials led by your expert
    • The opportunity to practise what you learn with assignments (these will not be marked at peer level)
    • Downloadable notes

    If you choose to go for EXPERT access, you will have access to all of the above plus:

    • Personalised assignment feedback & coaching from your expert tutor*
    • The opportunity to interact with your expert through a private messaging system
    • Certificate of completion from your tutor

    * As a result of working with real people (and not computers) we do have to set a limit on how long you have to interact with your expert tutor. Look at How often can I speak with my expert for more info.

  • When can I start my course and how long will it take?

    You can start your course at any time! You have access to the materials for life, so can re-watch the videos as many times as you like, kind of like a book you can flick back through if you’ve forgotten something.

    Our courses are designed so that you can study at your own pace, some prefer to binge learn while others like to spread their studying over a longer period of time - it’s completely up to you. To give you a rough time frame, each lesson video is approximately 30-40 minutes long, and we recommend that you spend around an hour on each assignment.

  • How often can I speak with the Expert?

    If you opt for the Expert version of your course, the time you have to interact with your tutor is limited to course length. You will have one week per lesson to chat to your tutor and to have your assignments marked, and during this period you can ask them as many questions as you would like.

    To find out the length of each course, head to the product page and look at the Course outline to see how many lessons it contains. e.g. a four lesson course assumes that you will have completed the assignments within four weeks.

    Your tutor interaction period will start as soon as you enter the classroom. If you find that you are struggling to complete the assignments in the allocated time or you wish to put this function on hold, just get in contact with one of the team via the support button and we will help you out.

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