Chelsea Flower Show 2011

Gardening is well known to have beneficial effects on your physical and mental health: it provides exercise to help build strength, stamina and coordination and releases endorphins as you work. It helps you focus on the moment, helps you unwind, and aids sleep. It helps you plan and think to the future with a sense of optimism and expectation. But what aspects of your garden make you feel good?

In designing the Hillier exhibit for Chelsea 2011, Andrew McIndoe (MD of Hillier Nurseries, and MyGardenSchool tutor) was intrigued by the various roles that a garden takes on: be it a meditative space, an active space, a sanctuary, a haven for wildlife or a party venue.

Perhaps your garden is a source of pride, gives a sense of achievement or is an outlet for creativity and self-expression? Or perhaps it is the notion of planting for the future, even for future generations that gives pleasure? Andrew has sought to encapsulate these ideas by creating a series of interlinking, themed garden areas with stimulating colour schemes and intelligent planting styles to inspire Chelsea visitors to create their own personal feelgood garden.

Andy McIndoe, MyGardenSchool Tutor, MD of Hillier Nurseries
Andrew runs the following gardening courses for MyGardenSchool: Love Your Lawn, Shrubs - The Foundation of Good Planting

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