RHS Level 2 Certificate: Principles of Plant Growth and Development

By Yahya Logde

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RHS Level 2 Certificate: Principles of Plant Growth and Development

Learn everything you need to know to pass the Certificate in the Principles of Plant Growth and Development.

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If you are passionate about gardening and want to learn more, you can gain an internationally recognised qualification (RHS Level 2 Certificate) from the Royal Horticultural Society with this comprehensive online course. Based on the new 2022 syllabus, this programme offers in-depth knowledge and understanding of plant science, health, and development.

Course Highlights:

  • Internationally Recognised Qualification: Earn a prestigious RHS Level 2 Certificate.
  • Expert Tutors: Learn from Dr Noel Kingsbury and Tom Cole, experienced horticulturists and RHS-approved tutors.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Based on the updated 2022 syllabus, covering essential topics in plant growth and development.
  • Online Convenience: Study at your own pace, from anywhere in the world.
  • Exam Preparation: Includes online RHS exams and registration to ensure you are well-prepared for assessment.
  • Career Advancement: Enhance your horticulture career prospects or gain a solid foundation for a career change.

Who Should Enrol?

This course is designed for both gardening enthusiasts and professionals. Whether you are a passionate gardener looking to deepen your knowledge, a horticultural professional seeking to enhance your expertise with a recognised qualification, or an individual considering a career change, this course offers valuable insights and practical skills.

Gaining an RHS Level 2 Certificate can significantly enhance your career in horticulture, whether you are a professional gardener seeking advancement or an individual with no formal training looking to start a gardening business.

For Professional Gardeners:

  • Career Advancement: The RHS Level 2 Certificate demonstrates a commitment to professional development and a deeper understanding of plant science, making you a more valuable asset to employers. This can lead to promotions, increased responsibilities, and higher earning potential.
  • Expanded Knowledge and Skills: The course covers a broad range of topics, from plant health and nutrition to soil science and pest control. This enhanced knowledge base can help you tackle more complex gardening challenges and provide clients with a broader range of services.
  • Professional Recognition: The RHS is a respected authority in horticulture, and holding their certification gives you credibility and a competitive edge in the job market.

Ideal Training For Career Changers Starting a Gardening Business

The RHS Level 2 Certificate provides the essential knowledge and skills required to start and run a successful gardening business. It covers plant care as well as business aspects like planning and maintenance.

Gardening clients are more likely to trust and hire a gardener with a recognised qualification. The RHS certification demonstrates your competence and commitment to providing high-quality services. They will also be happy to recommend you by word of mouth, which is an excellent way of gaining customers for your new gardening business.

The course can connect you with other professionals and potential clients in the horticultural industry, opening doors to new business opportunities.

Course Structure

The RHS Level 2 Certificate in Principles of Plant Growth and Development is comprised of eight comprehensive classes designed to provide a thorough understanding of essential horticultural principles and practices:

  • RHS: Plant Science I - Exploring plants' fundamental biological processes, structure, and growth.
  • RHS: Plant Health - Identifying and managing common plant pests, diseases, and disorders.
  • RHS: Plant Nutrition - Understanding the nutritional requirements of plants and how to optimise their growth.
  • RHS: Plant Specification - Selecting the right plants for specific environments and purposes.
  • RHS: Plant Science II - Delving deeper into plant physiology, including photosynthesis, respiration, and reproduction.
  • RHS: Planting Styles - Examining different planting styles and their impact on garden design and aesthetics.
  • RHS: Horticulture and Society - Exploring the role of horticulture in society, from food production to environmental conservation.
  • RHS: Biodiversity - Understanding the importance of biodiversity in horticulture and how to promote it.

Each class combines theoretical knowledge with practical applications, ensuring you develop the skills and expertise necessary for a successful career in horticulture.

Your RHS Level 2 Course Tutors

Dr Noel Kingsbury:

Dr Kingsbury is a renowned writer, designer, and horticultural consultant deeply passionate about gardening. With extensive experience in the field, he has collaborated with internationally acclaimed designers like Piet Oudolf. Dr Kingsbury is notably recognised for his expertise in ecological planting design, promoting sustainable and biodiverse landscapes.

Tom Cole:

An RHS Associate and seasoned horticultural professional, Tom Cole brings a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to the course. He is a regular lecturer, runs a thriving landscape and maintenance business, and frequently contributes to BBC Radio Essex and various gardening publications. His expertise covers a broad spectrum of horticultural topics, from plant care to garden design.

Together, Dr Kingsbury and Tom Cole form a dynamic teaching duo. They offer a unique blend of theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and industry insights to guide you through the RHS Level 2 Certificate programme. Their combined expertise ensures a comprehensive and engaging learning experience, preparing you for a successful career in horticulture.

Course Delivery and Assessment

The RHS Level 2 Certificate in Principles of Plant Growth and Development is delivered through a comprehensive and engaging online learning experience. You will have access to:

  • On-Demand Video Lessons: High-quality video lessons led by expert tutors allow you to learn conveniently at your own pace.
  • Downloadable Course Notes: Detailed course notes that complement the video lessons, providing a valuable reference resource.
  • Mandatory Assignments: Engaging assignments for each lesson to reinforce your understanding and application of key concepts.
  • Interactive Classrooms: Small, interactive classrooms limited to 20 students, building a collaborative learning environment and enabling you to ask questions and receive personalised feedback from tutors.

To earn your RHS Level 2 Certificate, you will complete the course modules, submit the mandatory assignments, and sit for the RHS exams. Our comprehensive course materials and expert guidance will ensure you are thoroughly prepared for these exams.

The assessment consists of separate written exams for each unit, covering all the learning outcomes specified. These exams typically take place in February, June, and October, but you can schedule your assessment according to your preference.

By engaging with our world-class tutors, actively participating in the interactive classrooms, and completing the assignments, you will gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to excel in the RHS exams and achieve your RHS Level 2 Certificate.

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