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Perennials to go with Buxus borders...


Perennials to go with Buxus borders...

by 4 years ago

Any suggestions for perrianials who will survive being planted in Buxus borders? (Size aprox 2x2 meters or 7x7 feet) Dutch soil (clay-ish) avarage sun, (depending the location in the garden from 3 up to 9 hours sun in summertime). Buxus borders are about 0,5 meters high, 1,5 feet).

Thanks for any tips in advance!

4 years ago
Soil probably fairly fertile so should not be too problematic. Buxus is always very competitive, but many gardeners succeed with wide range plants within 50cms of the plants. Important not to be taller than the Buxus, and be prepared to feed. Hope this helps. Noel
4 years ago
50 cm, and not taller than the Buxus... that will help and does explain a few things. Thank you!
4 years ago
Christian thanks for your question - great to have you on board! Welcome! Noel also does a course specifically on perennials btw. Look forward to more of your questions here.
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4 years ago
Thanks "head" :) I'll first follow the training Planting the Piet way. Hope to learn a lot from you mr. Kingsbury!

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