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Prairie like field with tropical plants /grass


Prairie like field with tropical plants /grass

by 4 years ago

Hi Everyone,

I have just signed up for this course  (but been exploring this website since 2012!) and the first class is said to start on the 14th October. I am excited yet concerned & nervous. Not sure if it is compatible to the limited experience I have in doing my own garden (for the past 10 years) and learning only from books. My biggest concern however is - I live in Malaysia, Hot and humid. But when it rains it pours. I love the look and feel of prairies. wild flowers and wild grasses.I have been experimenting them with  local plants, grasses and wild flowers in my backyard. I really hope there are substitutes to what Piet teaches and I can  adopt a few tips to help with planting techniques, design and maintenance. 

Anyone from this region who has taken up this course? 

4 years ago
This is clearly an issue. I generally say that the material i cover is applicable to temperate, Mediterrannean, and seasonal wet/dry savannah type habitats. However some of the basic technical issues about plant longevity are translatable to tropical non-woody flora, the stuff on seasonal interest will be very different of course. Part of what you do as a student is go out and photograph things, which i comment on, so that way we can have a dialogue about what might work and what the issues are. I have had someone from savannah flora region in Brazil working v. successfully on this, but no-one in the humid tropics yet. BTW i do have some familiarity with tropical flora, so i think we can give it a go. Best wishes Noel
4 years ago
Thanks Noel. For anyone who doesn't know Dr Noel Kingsbury is one of the world's most acclaimed horticulture lecturers (Sheffield University) and writers (co-author with Piet Oudolf). We're delighted that Noel and Piet Oudolf have just launched their first joint online course with us.
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