Rediscover the nutritional properties of wild plants with Miles Irving, forager for the world’s top chefs.

By Jemima Armfield

Learning with Experts is embracing the anti-consumerism, and ‘back to nature’ sentiment this year, by launching online courses with the world’s greatest forager and authority on wild foods, Miles Irving.

In his new foraging and cooking with wild food collection, Irving demonstrates how we can rediscover the nutritional properties of wild plants and reconnect with the land. Together you will safely explore the edible plant possibilities on your doorstep, and be guided through the cooking and eating of the rich wild pickings which are available all around us..

Mile Irving is the world’s greatest forager and authority on wild foods, having worked with some of the world’s best chefs and restaurants. These include Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck, Rene Redzepi, Magnus Nilsson and the Hix restaurants. He is a pioneer in the Wild Food Renaissance and has extensive knowledge of the unique flavours and stories of wild foods. Irving is also an internationally acclaimed public speaker and the author of ‘The Forager Handbook’ - hailed by many as ‘the forager’s bible’.

Irving’s ‘Foraging & Cooking with Wild Food’ is comprised of two courses:


In this lesson, Miles celebrates new yet ancient flavours, rediscovering the nutritional properties of wild plants and reconnecting with the land. Irving explains: “This vital link means we thrive, eating well and working with the wild ecology of places”. The course has four lessons in it with clear learning outcomes for each lesson. Whilst examples used in this course are in Miles’s own food web, a habitat which happens to be in the UK, the principles of this course apply to foraging all over the world. You are encouraged to share your own environments and discussion on wild foods throughout the course, wherever you’re located

Cooking with Wild Food

Miles has teamed up with some of his favourite chefs and together they take you through the journey of foraging, cooking and tasting the following wild foods: Stalks and stems, Wild aromatics, Seaweed and Edible flowerss

The classes start from March 2020 onwards. A course at the ‘Expert’ level costs 109 GBP, and you will get feedback on your cooking and foraging from Miles and his team personally.You’ll watch videos, chat to classmates, discuss topics with Miles, and get feedback on your assignments (submitted with text, video and photos). For 29 GBP you can still follow the course curriculum, with videos, notes, and compare notes with classmates too as you go through.

Elspeth Briscoe, Learning with Experts CEO, explains: “You will be taught in the Learning with Experts online classroom, with 20 other students. In your online class you’ll watch videos where Miles takes you on a journey of the many delights of wild foods and foraging. During the lessons Irving shares secrets of how top chefs are starting to cook with wild and foraged food, and the tastes and recipes they’re trying. He then sets you assignments for both cooking and foraging, based on what you’ve learnt during your lessons. If you choose the expert version of the course, Miles and his team will personally mark your assignments and give you feedback in the online classroom.


Miles first developed him taste for wild food aged six, after going mushroom picking with his grandfather in Suffolk. As a leading figure in the foraging movement, Irving supplies more than 500 food products from around 300 plants online and to restaurants. His company, Forager Ltd has expanded to source nearly 500 wild ingredients and Miles has grown to be one of the most respected professional foragers. Miles continues to push the boundaries of wild food and advocates the reintroduction of foraged foods into regular diets. His foraging manifesto is truly an innovation in this field, and a must read for aspiring chefs.

Jemima Armfield

Digital marketing manager, content creator and head of tutor relations, I'm here to make sure everyone is getting the support they need throughout their studies at Learning with Experts.

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