Design Stunning Spaces with Learning with Experts Garden Design Diploma

By Yahya Logde

Do you dream of transforming your outdoor space into a beautiful garden? Or you may fancy a career change and want to learn how to design gardens for a living. Whatever your reason, the Learning with Experts' Garden Design Diploma could be your key to unlocking a world of exciting possibilities.

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Garden Design Diploma

The Garden Design Diploma include a collection of garden design courses - taught by expert garden designers.

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Imagine learning from renowned gardening experts such as Chris Beardshaw and Piet Oudolf. This comprehensive collection of garden design courses goes beyond theory, offering practical skills and insider knowledge from the industry's top names.

What you can expect to learn during your training:

  • Learn the principles, history, and essential elements of creating captivating outdoor spaces.
  • Discover the secrets of choosing the perfect plant palette for your vision, from vibrant perennials to majestic trees.
  • Develop your drawing skills to translate your ideas onto paper effectively.
  • Explore hard landscaping techniques for water features, pergolas, and captivating pathways.
  • Delve into historic, formal, and informal design styles, finding inspiration from renowned masters.

Added bonuses for the garden design diploma

You can choose the "Expert" option and get personalised feedback on your projects from your instructors, giving you extra value guidance and reassurance that you are on the right track.

If you are worried that the training will become too overwhelming or you fear you will lag behind if you cannot dedicate much time to the course, you are offered plenty of flexibility. You can study at your own pace with online modules that fit around your busy schedule – you will never be under pressure to meet deadlines or pass milestones during your training.

Don't worry if you are brand new to the world of garden design. The garden design diploma training is suitable for all levels, so if you are a seasoned gardener or have never held a gardening trowel in your life, you will get all the support and guidance that you need.

If you need any inspiration to spur you on, you can read stories and accounts from past students who have gone on to make a successful career in garden design after completing this diploma course.

Why choose Learning with Experts?

Learning online is convenient, but let's face it, sometimes passive-watching doesn't stick. At Learning with Experts, we know you want fully interactive learning that works. Here is why our Garden Design Diploma goes beyond the typical online garden design course:

  • Practice Makes Perfect: Our courses are not just pre-recorded one-way lectures. You will roll up your sleeves with engaging assignments that let you apply your learned knowledge, like designing your own garden space or selecting plants for specific soil conditions.
  • Expert Feedback: If you ever get stuck on a design element or need clarification on your plant choices, you will get direct feedback from our renowned tutors! This direct guidance is invaluable for perfecting your skills and gaining confidence in your designs.
  • Learn Together: Our intimate online classrooms foster a supportive community. You can share ideas, ask questions, and learn from your peers' experiences. It is like having a network of fellow garden enthusiasts cheering you on.
  • Start Learning on Your Terms: With Learning with Experts, you can forget rigid schedules. Dip into the course whenever you have some free time. Watch high-quality video tutorials led by industry experts at your own pace, then put your learning into practice in your own time.
  • Learning with Experts values interaction and collaboration: Engage in lively discussions with your fellow classmates, share your design inspirations, and learn from diverse perspectives. This collaborative atmosphere fosters creativity and inspiration and supports your design journey.

12 Courses, 10 Gardening Masters: Your Garden Design Dream Team Awaits

With the Garden Design Diploma, you will have a team of expert gardeners with years of experience guiding you every step of the way. Learning with Experts offers 12 diverse garden design courses led by ten renowned experts:

Plant experts:

  • Piet Oudolf & Noel Kingsbury: Learn the secrets of their famed naturalistic style in "Planting the Piet Oudolf Way".
  • Dr Noel Kingsbury: Master the art of perennial combinations in "Planting Design with Perennials".

Outdoor space transformers:

  • Neill Ludmon: Unlock the power of planting design in "Professional Planting Design".
  • Chris Beardshaw: Make the most of even the smallest spaces with "Container Gardening".
  • Annie Guilfoyle: Design your dream haven in "Designing Small Gardens".
  • Tom Stuart-Smith & Guy Petheram: Create a breathtaking country escape in "Design & Create Your Dream Country Garden".

Green planting gurus:

  • Michael King: Discover the beauty and practicality of grasses in "Gardening with Grasses" and "Perennial Meadow Gardening".
  • Andy McIndoe: Become a tree and shrub connoisseur with "Trees" and "Shrubs".

History and design foundations:

  • Dr Toby Musgrave: Delve into the fascinating past of garden design in "The History Of Garden Design".
  • Alison Worster: Lay a solid foundation with "Introduction To Garden Design".

The Garden Design Diploma offered by Learning with Experts is more than an online gardening course. You will experience a fully immersive and interactive study course with personalised feedback from leading garden design experts.

Not only this but you will be fully supported, encouraged and inspired by a rich online community of fellow course participants who will share their journey with you as you learn together. You will get the chance to ask Piet Oudolf himself about plant choices or get feedback on your hand-crafted garden design from Chris Beardshaw!

Choose Your Learning Journey

At Learning with Experts, we offer two distinct options to suit your learning style and goals:

The Expert: Ideal for those wanting personalised feedback, mentorship, and a structured learning experience.

This intensive option pairs you with expert tutors who provide invaluable feedback on your assignments, guiding you and boosting your confidence. For example, you could have Chris Beardshaw analysing your container garden plan or Piet Oudolf advising you on choosing the right plants to suit your soil conditions. It is like having a personal mentor by your side.

With the Expert option, you can enjoy the flexibility of starting courses whenever you are ready and work through the programme at your own pace. You will have the opportunity to engage in a supportive online classroom with up to 20 classmates, sharing knowledge, asking questions, and building a community of fellow students.

The Peer: Perfect for those who thrive in collaborative environments, enjoy group learning, and value sharing knowledge with fellow students.

Immerse yourself in a collaborative learning environment where you will share ideas, discuss challenges, and gain diverse perspectives while studying alongside fellow students in an interactive online classroom. This community-driven approach builds a sense of belonging, and having the support of your peers will boost your motivation and inspire your creativity.

Whichever learning patch you choose, both options offer:

  • Lifetime access to course materials, videos, and classroom recordings.
  • The ability to start courses anytime.
  • A supportive, interactive community.

There is no other garden design course like this online. If you are ready to join this exclusive garden design community, enrolling in the Garden Design Diploma is easy.

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