Mother's Day Gifts; A Gardening Course - the Perfect Present for Your Mum

Does your mum love her garden?  Why not give her the dream mother’s day gift of a gardening course from a world expert.  Here are some of the most popular courses we’d recommend for mothers – wherever you live.   Or you can let your mum choose – just buy her a MyGardenSchool gift voucher, available on every course page.

David Austin Roses Gardening Course

11. Rose naming - Gentle Hermione

Roses are symbolic, romantic, loving and full of beauty.  Did you know there’s a rose for almost every climate in the world?  This course is from the Rose experts themselves, David Austin Roses.

The lynchpins of the Chelsea Flower Show, the team that bring you this course, know literally everything there is to know about roses.  A perfect present for someone planning a rose garden.


Planting Design with Hilary Thomas


This horticulture course, from the former head of Garden Design at Capel Manor College – teaches you to select plants for their visual, aesthetic and structural qualities. The course covers temperate planting the rules apply to any climate or country of the world. You will study a variety of plant forms and foliage textures and will be given guidelines on the use of colour and layout. In this first course, I’ll discuss the role of plants within a design composition, to include trees and shrubs then moving on to roses, bulbs, herbaceous plants, grasses and finally ferns.  One of our most sought after courses.

Flower Photography with Sue Bishop

105 delphinium

This course is the only online gardening course like it in the world.  It is taught by renowned photography author Sue Bishop, and teaches you how to capture the beauty of flowers on camera.  By the end of it you will be taking those incredible shots that people admire, and could even think about how to take your flower photography to a higher level.  The perfect Mother’s Day present for a mum who loves her garden, and would like to take some eye-catching artistic shots to have framed.

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