Gardening Bucks Recession as a Growth Industry

There are some interesting facts going on in the horticulture, garden design and gardening markets at the moment which are suggesting that gardening in its broadest form is on the rise as one of our favourite hobbies (worldwide).  Perhaps it’s the economies, climate change, or a growth in awareness of our desire to nurture the planet.  Whatever it might be – here are some interesting thoughts:

Ashworth College ( (a big US university with a significant landscaping facility) – told us that jobs in landscaping industries had increased of 38% in the last year, despite the recession.  (or even because of?)

The Royal Horticultural Society Advisory Department (UK) experienced its busiest year in 2011, receiving more than 60000 enquiries from its members- a record breaker.

The team of RHS experts solved myriad enquiries which ranged from problems associated with pests and diseases to plant identification. Many of the queries pertained to the unpredictable temperatures throughout the year.

Chief Horticultural Advisor, Guy Barter said, 'Last year was a record year for RHS Advisory. We had lots of enquiries from members about how the unusual weather would affect the growth and development of their plants.'

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