Grow Your Own Food Banks

BBC Breakfast News Headline today reports that Food bank 'demand grows by 50%'. Families struggling to cope are referred to food banks by care workers. They’re highlighting the The 'hidden hunger' in British families. Surely we need to encourage our hidden hungry families to grow their own food? Ironically, plazma TVs and mobile phone sales continue to rise – yet we’re in crazy situation where as a civilised country we have people needing to turn to food banks. Perhaps it’s more a question of re-education? A re-evaluation of our values. At the risk of sounding like my Grandpa (RIP Grandpa – you had some wise words) perhaps there are some learnings to be had from our war generation – where growing your own was the norm, and we had by necessity a keen understanding of the value of health and life versus material possessions.

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If you are interested in growing your own food, and live in a city environment – try Alex Mitchell’s Edible Gardening Made Easy Course (for less than a quarter the price of a new iphone). For setting up your own allotment or traditional veg patch – Geoff Hodge is your man (Grow Your Own Veg and Allotment Gardening).

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