Growing Food: The Home Grown Revolution

Following our blog post predicting trends for 2012, we’ve noticed a real groundswell of activity around the area of growing your own food.  Particularly relating to community growing projects.  A fascinating initiative (featured on BBC radio 4) has been launched by a community group in Scarborough, UK.  The Scarborough Growing Opportunities Group, it’s an innovative new project to help residents get growing stuff to eat.  Residents are producing fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers (all edible of course!) and in doing so, helping to make their community more productive, sustainable and attractive.

What’s quite interesting is that sometimes people struggle growing their own in ‘ones’, because you get surfeits of one type of crop, and the work needed doesn’t seem to necessarily give you the right balance of fruit and veg if you’re a sole provider.  But the minute you involve communities, you can access bigger patches of land (even waste lands), swap produce, and as well as growing organic, you might actually even see some economic benefits.

Since the early 80's the Dervaes family has slowly transformed their ordinary city lot into a self sufficient urban homestead.  This short film about the Dervaes family experience, in Pasaden, Cal,  is an inspiration for everyone these days.
Urban homesteaders at it's best!

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If you fancy trying your hand at growing your own food, whatever your space and wherever you are, check out our grow your own veg course by Alex Mitchell

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