Why You Musn't Hate Yellow Flowers

Interestingly, one of the most common requests that professional garden designers hear from their clients - is - 'oh I like most things but not yellow flowers please'. Why? Why do we all hate yellow flowers ? Or actually more accurately THINK we hate yellow flowers. Perhaps it's because they've been mis-used in planting design plans. Or perhaps it's just a fashion thing? Well I'm here to convince you otherwise! Yellow can be beautiful, it can be subtle, it can be seasonal and it can blend with other hues. It's also related to Gold, and the colour of the sun. How can that be bad?! And nearly all plants have some yellow in, being green by their very nature. So here you are, my yellow gallery of beauty (with plant names to entice you).

If you're interested in planting design or garden design - we'd recommend Hilary Thomas's Planting Design Course. Please also post your yellow photos to our MyGardenSchool flickr group!


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