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Too Old or Young to be a Successful Photographer?

Too Old or Young to be a Successful Photographer?


Does age matter? How old is too old to start your career as a successful photographer? Conversely when are you too young to be taken seriously?

None of these matter according to Chris Johns, National Geographic’s field photo editor.  In a recent interview with Outdoor photographer Johns says,

“There are a lot of exciting photographers out there.
Our new director of photography, David Griffin, is consciously trying to
identify young, emerging talent.   He’s not necessarily age-specific either.
Often photographers start to find their traction in their 50s.”

Chris Johns is convinced that “the cream rises to the top” and believes that the best photographer keep doing great work. He credits the rise of digital for the increase in talent and the photographers ability to see the picture in-camera before they move which he says take the guess work out of the equation which you always had with film.

To read the whole article see 60 Minutes with Chris Johns

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