Four Foodie Online Courses

By Alex N

It might be Blue Monday but we think these four foodie online courses will put a smile on your face!

The Art of Chocolate Making

Eating chocolate is believed to release endorphins in your brain, making you feel why not try making your own chocolates at home?

Master chocolatier Paul A Young teaches you how to make your own chocolates from home.

You'll learn how to temper chocolate, create your own chocolate bars, ganaches and truffles and learn the secret of Paul's famous salted caramel filling.

Choose the Expert option and you'll even receive personal feedback from Paul on your chocolate creations.

Recommended course

The Art of Chocolate Making taught by Paul A Young

Create beautiful handmade truffles, water ganaches, chocolate bark & more with master chocolatier Paul A Young

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Wine Appreciation

While it might be a dry January for some you can still learn how to appreciate wine and how to pair wine with food.

Wine consultant Amelia Singer teaches you how to appreciate wine, from tasting to how to choose wine and how to match wine with food.

The Expert option means Amelia will give you personal feedback on your wine-related assignments.

Recommended course

Wine Appreciation taught by Amelia Singer

Wine expert Amelia Singer teaches you how to choose and taste wine, and pair wine with food.

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Classic French Cuisine

If you're planning to stay in more this January, make the most of your time and learn how to cook with Michel Roux Jr.

Chef Michel will teach you the basics of classic French cuisine from the famous Le Gavroche's famous omelette Roux style to a showstopper Croquembouche.

The Expert option includes personal feedback from Michel Roux Jr on your cooking.

Recommended course

Classic French Cuisine: The Roux Way Collection

Learn French cookery online with chef Michel Roux Jr. Taught from the kitchen of his famous restaurant Le Gavroche.

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Gluten Free Cooking

If you're moving to a gluten free diet this course will teach you how to create delicious and healthy gluten free alternatives.

Nutritionist Naomi Devlin will teach you that gluten free cooking can be fun, and you'll learn how to make gluten free crepes, bread, pastries and treats.

Choose the Expert option and Naomi will be on hand to personally feedback on your gluten free baking.

Recommended course

Gluten Free Cooking taught by Naomi Devlin

Led by nutritionist and gluten-free expert Naomi Devlin, this Gluten Free cookery course will teach you how to cook tasty gluten-free recipes.

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Alex N

I'm passionate about online learning, and lucky enough to work for Learning with Experts. Most recent course: The Pie Shop with River Cottage's Tom Morrell. Next course: Container Gardening with Chris Beardshaw.

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